Who let the ducks out?

Ducks in the orchardMy daughter has always loved ducks, but stuffed animals only go so far. They don’t go anywhere, actually; they just sit there. So, her best friends bought her two baby ducks for her 16th birthday. The friends were respectful enough to ask my husband and I for our approval first, although I don’t know how fruitful that was because I said “yes” and my husband said “no.” To be honest, my husband conceded, but not happily.

The ducks grew at an utterly alarming rate. They doubled in size in just one week. Now they are full grown waddling around under the apple and fig trees in our little orchard. They are funny. If I’m reading outside, Tommy will courageously poke me with his bill, looking for lettuce most likely.

Once I forgot to close the orchard gate. Hours later, I found them hanging out by the pool, wondering if they should take a dip. I waddled them back to the orchard, then went to work cleaning. Ducks, true to my husband’s stern warning, are seriously messy. The pool deck had been desecrated. But, the ducks are worth it. Having been without pets much of my life, I have to say there is nothing like having a living presence in your care. They far surpass stuffed animals.