I’m blogging

I’m blogging are you listening
I’m blogging have you read
My post on raising toddlers
My post on baking bread?

I want to be discovered
I want to have a chance
The world will surely love me
Oh the internet romance!


Ten zillion blogs are active
They are vying for your time
You have too many favorites
And they don’t include mine.

I hate to be obnoxious
But I’m getting on my knees
Do stay and read a while
And leave a comment…please?

By Gail Perry Johnston

2 thoughts on “I’m blogging

  1. Colleen DC Marquez

    You’re blogging; I am listening
    You’re blogging; I just read
    Your raisin toast is positive
    Your kids well fed and bred

    You’ve not JUST been discovered
    You’ve giv’n me a chance
    To see light through a cupola
    And lift this heart to dance.


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