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Teenage ducks: A parent’s perspective

Teenage ducksMy two ducks have now reached their teenage years, and a few strong characteristics, similar to their human counterparts, have surfaced.

First of all, the ducks like to know you are there. Sometimes they even like to be watched. But they do not like to be followed—not at all, forget about it. If you try to follow them, they will pick up their pace. They may even flap, get some air, and try to escape. They will entirely forget that you are their greatest fan.

Secondly, they have started to produce amazing things. Well, for ducks, the eggs are it, but for teenage kids, their abilities are manifold and hold every bit of pleasure for their parents as the cream-colored egg miraculously produced every morning.

Similar to the first point, the ducks do not like to be threatened. They are aware, at this stage in their lives, just how threatening the world is, and they don’t need anyone making it worse. Take, for instance, the large feedbag I brought to the ducks today. The bag was almost empty, so rather than scoop out the food like I usually do, I brought the enormous bag into their pen and turned it upside down. This caused a great deal of squawking and fluttering about. Please, they were telling me, don’t upset us unnecessarily. You may be a nice human being, but you can still seem like a big scary person to us, so be more careful with what you throw around.

On a lighter note, teenage ducks want to be fed. And fed some more. Sadly, they forget to say thank you, but you love them anyway.

Lastly, ducks expect you to clean up after them, no matter how much mess they make. Actually, they don’t care about the mess. They figure if you care about it, you should take care of it. Thankfully, my teenagers are growing out of this phase, transitioning to true adulthood. My ducks, on the other hand, will duck responsibility indefinitely.