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Flabby mouse story

mouseAlthough I write about my years of chronic dieting in The Social Cause Diet, I’ve never really been fat. I just thought I was. Not until I was in my 30s did I realize I can eat almost anything and stay in the general vicinity of a healthy weight. But I still have a heart for those who can’t say the same, and that would be most people judging by the statistics.

Recent research shows that exposure to certain chemicals at birth causes mice to put on weight later in life. The effect of chemical exposure causes the descendants of the mice to be overweight as well. Nicholas D. Kristof’s article in the New York Times today explains it all: “Among chemicals identified as obesogens [chemicals that cause animals to store fat] are materials in plastics, canned food, agricultural chemicals, foam cushions and jet fuel.”

I am not politically minded, but if I was, I would battle wholeheartedly for the elimination of chemicals in our cushions!