Grieving for South Korea

South Korea Ferry AccidentI am still grieving over the ferry tragedy in South Korea. If I have learned anything from coauthoring A Rumor of Angels: Quotations for Living, Dying & Letting Go, it’s that the people there, surely the parents, may grieve for a very long time or have spurts of intense grief at unexpected times for years to come.

I try to turn my grief (modest as it is, in comparison to those who have lost loved ones) into prayer. My prayer today is that there are no more suicides from survivor’s guilt. May those who live help others to live. If one person finds joy again, he or she will encourage another to do so. I pray that those who are gone are in a better place with God and that those who are still alive will accept there is a reason why.

It does not dishonor the dead to carry on, to accept where we are and make the most of it. “Bloom where you are planted,” the expression goes. In time, may you bloom again, dear South Korea! Have courage. Unimaginable accidents aside, we know you are truly a courageous people.