My big hands

GailPhotoViewFromBayI have big hands. They show their age. The thumbs curl back. Someone once told me they look like Italian hands and I had a flashback to being with Grandma Genetti, who wasn’t Italian, but Tyrolean, which is close. I do not hide my hands. They are faithful, typing at the speed of my active mind or drawing a near perfect circle in the days before the computer did that kind of thing for us. But most importantly, my hands are expressive. They help me speak. I am, after all, a communicator, whether it’s through graphic design, books, or speaking engagements.

2 thoughts on “My big hands

  1. Paula Poppe

    I remember your expressive hands, and your loving heart towards an ignorant young girl in art school at ECU. Jesus worked through your hands….

    1. Gail Perry Johnston

      Thanks Paula, but you were a wise and good friend. If you were ignorant, I was too ignorant to know! Recently I found a poem you wrote that I enjoyed reading again after so many years, and it’s clear evidence of your grace and creativity too!


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