Tommy laid an egg

Duck eggWe found out that Tommy was a female when Tush got on top of her. Confusion all around. Tush, being a male, was renamed to Blue which was a quick fix for the Blue Swedish duck that he is. We left Tommy’s name alone because girls frequently take the names of boys and have no insecurities about it whatsoever.

Still, what a surprise to find an egg yesterday morning! What a treat, a gift. A normal sized, slightly off-white egg was waiting there smack in the middle of the hutch when I peered inside to pet the ducks before letting them out. I call it a “hutch,” but it’s really just an ugly, extra large dog kennel, so I’m particularly proud of Tommy for being so productive.

Right after I found the egg, I heard that my sister’s business partner and good friend had an 8.5 pound baby about the same time Tommy laid her first egg. This must be a sign of good luck for that baby, even though she is four steps removed and Tommy will probably never get to meet her.

This morning, I found another egg. I think it will be a daily event! So if you want to claim a lucky duck egg for a special day of yours in the future, let me know. I’ll put your name on it.