Cats & Creativity Book Launched!

GailPerryJohnston Vision: Creative Cues From the CatMy Kickstarter campaign is up! I launched just yesterday here. If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s basically a way for people to see if there’s interest in creative products or ideas before actually going into production. Every Kickstarter campaign has a designated time in order to raise funds. If the funding goal isn’t met within that time, no funds are actually collected.

Please visit my campaign today! I need to kick this baby off!

Justin McRoberts says the creative process is like a mountain. When you are first inspired to do something creative, you see the mountain from afar and it looks glorious. Later, when you actually start climbing the mountain, it can be tough and tedious. You lose the beautiful view of the mountain; you only see the dusty trail that you’re hiking. I’m climbing the mountain now. Please help me get to the top!

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