This website is my personal blog and gathering place for various creative endeavors. If you are interested in my graphic design services, please visit Johnston & Alves. Otherwise, take a look around.

BACKGROUND: With a B.F.A. in Communication Arts, I began my career in the New York City advertising world. After four thrilling years with clients that include ABC, Club Med, and Bloomingdale’s, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and landed a job at a fast-paced ad agency which made me feel like I never left Manhattan. Three years later, I founded my own graphic design and advertising business where I served numerous and diverse clients in Silicon Valley and beyond. In 2013, I rebranded my business as Johnston & Alves to focus on the thriving wine and spirits industry.

I am also a published author and the founder of Cupola Press. Check out my latest book: Creative Cues From the Cat: The Visionary Virtues of Our Feline Friends.